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Real-Time Middleware for Industrial Automation

Establish secure, bi-directional data communication for your industrial systems. Receive, integrate, and stream up to 50,000 data changes per second.

Integrate all data into a single, unified set

Bring all the data from all supported sources and protocol, into a single, unified data set. Any selected subset of this aggregated data can be accessed by any client using any supported protocol: OPC UA, OPC Classic, MQTT, Modbus, DDE, TCP, ODBC, HTTP, XML, and more.

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Secure OPC Networking


Datahub Tunnellers provide easy-to-configure, secure, and robust networking for data protocols that are difficult to connect or that rely on insecure architectures. The Cogent DataHub Tunnellers go beyond the basics, letting you integrate your data without exposing your networks.


  • Secure

  • Robust

  • Seamless Integration


OPC Gateway


The DataHub® OPC Gateway™ converts real-time, streaming OPC UA data to DA or vice-versa.  Using the Gateway, you can connect any OPC DA server or client to any OPC UA server or client, locally or over the plant network.


  • Protect your investment in OPC

  • Future-proof your system

  • Simplify OPC UA migration

IoT Gateway


DataHub® IoT Gateway™ streams real-time OPC UA and OPC DA industrial data directly into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), device clouds, and Big Data analytics platforms.


  • Connect to any MQTT broker, including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT and Amazon IoT Core

  • Create an in-plant IoT Hub with our optional broker capabilities

  • Supports both publish and subscribe


Key Benefits


  • No point count restrictions

  • Includes both client and server interface for both OPC UA and DA

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Feed data into real-time historians like Amazon Kinesis, AVEVA Historian, AVEVA Insight or InfluxDB from any DataHub connection―industrial SCADA systems, SQL tables, OPC servers, PLCs, or hardware devices.


  • Analyze or display data using the historian’s own tools or DataHub WebView.

  • Use secure tunnelling to send historical data across networks, even via proxy servers and DMZs.

  • Protect your data from network or cloud connection breaks, with built-in store-and-forwarding.

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DataHub WebView

DataHub® WebView™ is a state-of-the-art HMI that is designed to connect directly to your real-time data feeds, eliminating latency associated with database reliant HMIs. If you already have a SCADA system in place then WebView is the perfect addition, allowing you to see desktop quality graphics and real-time updates of your process data using web-deployed clients.



For those systems that require an extra measure of protection, the DataHub supports hot-standby redundancy. Configure two identical data sources, and if one goes down, the DataHub will automatically switch to the other.


  • Seamless, split-second switchovers minimize data loss.

  • Smart switchover only triggers when the data source changes.

  • Switchover can be based on changes to data points or connection quality.

  • Supports hot, warm, and cold standby.


VINE Add-in for Excel

Analyze and report data from industrial systems

Now you can access to your process data from inside Microsoft Excel™. Run real-time analysis on production numbers, calculate statistics, create your own charts, and more. Leverage the power of the world’s most popular spreadsheet anywhere in your operation.

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