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WoMaster Wireless solutions are pioneering the way in which the industrial market is viewing and utilising wireless access as a suitable alternative to conventional switching, or as an additional connectivity option.  With a product range that offers simplified wireless connectivity through to the latest industry standards of full Wireless MESH and 5G cellular.

Designed for high data needs and feature rich

Industrial Wireless from WoMaster brings the latest in enterprise class products to the industrial sector.

Both indoor and outdoor IP67 ruggedized housing allows for any application with wide temperature resistance built into the products from the ground up, know that come rain or shine your application will still work seamlessly.


 With world leading technology for Seamless MESH AP/Router configurations WoMaster wireless products offer superior connectivity. As WoMaster focuses on Security across all of its range of products, Wireless is equipped with state of the art security protocols and functions to make sure that the devices that connect to your network are the ones that you want and it doesn’t become a weak point that could be exploited.


Wireless setup made simple

image15 (1).png

Other key considerations with any wireless solution is the ability to easily install and setup with a minimum of time and costly pre-set routines usually associated with it, WoMaster offers simple and intuitive web configuration allowing for fast installs and easy on-going maintenance from any one.


Not having to rely on tech wizards to make even the simplest changes frees up the ability to deliver increased response times on critical items when needed.

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