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The Endpoint Protection that works for OT

Cyber Security for Threat Mitigation

The Blackberry Cylance AI Platform is a cybersecurity suite that protects the complete attack surface with automated threat prevention, detection and response capabilities.

Build your strategy on a security platform that provides best-in-class prevention and augments and enables your team to get ahead of attackers.

With low CPU/Memory footprint, legacy platform support from XP/2003, application white listing at no additional cost and no signatures to update, Blackberry Protect provides a best-in-class unified protection against malware, malicious scripts and fileless attacks on your OT endpoints.

Best of all, this solution is trusted by all G7 government so you can be assured that this AI solution is the best on the market, co exists with other solutions if ‘defence in depth’ is required and used is sensitive verticals where security and threat prevention is paramount.


Endpoint Protection

Blackberry Protect

BlackBerry® Protect is an artificial intelligence (AI) based endpoint protection platform (EPP) that prevents breaches and provides added controls for safeguarding against sophisticated cyberthreats—no human intervention, Internet connections, signature files, heuristics or sandboxes required.


Blackberry Protect for Mobile


Now more than ever, organizations are using mobile devices to compete in an agile, evolving market and keep their employees connected. For the first time, more than half of all devices connected to the Internet are mobile. At the same time, mobile malware is more prevalent than ever, with attacks rising 50% in the last year alone.


While the focus of enterprise security solutions has historically been on desktop devices, more businesses are discovering the growing threat of malware phishing attacks aimed at mobile devices, especially within applications.

Blackberry Optics

Our cloud-native BlackBerry® Optics provide visibility, on-device threat detection and remediation across your organization. In milliseconds. And our EDR approach effectively and efficiently hunts threats while eliminating response latency.


It’s the difference between a minor security event—and one that’s widespread and uncontrolled. 


Blackberry Persona


BlackBerry® Persona uses machine learning (ML) and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to dynamically adapt security policy based on user location, device type and other factors to protect against human error and well-intentioned workarounds.

TXOne Stellar


OT operations drive business value. Cyber-physical system downtime cost is always significant.

Instead of waiting for a threat to be identified and analyzed before responding, Stellar uses Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR) to prevent all unexpected system changes before they impact the operation.

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