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What is required of manufacturers of industrial machines and devices to offer reliable, robust, and secure connection to their customers’ networks?


A lot, in fact. As users place greater demands on data communications it becomes more difficult for manufacturers to manage and maintain the communication part of their products.

For that reason, millions of industrial devices such as robotic and welding controllers, industrial weighing scales, motor and pump drives and much more have been delivered with an embedded communication module from Anybus.

Anybus Gateway

Anybus Wireless

Anybus Gateways and Communicators

Connecting devices to any fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and IoT platform

Staying up-to-date with fieldbuses, industrial Ethernet networks and IoT platforms is time-consuming and resource demanding. Luckily, Anybus gateways offer quick and easy system integration by acting as translators between industrial networks and industrial devices — wired or wirelessly.

With more than 300 unique versions to choose from, Anybus gateways solve any type of connectivity problem, whether it is a network-to-network or device-to-network situation.

To view the Anybus Gateway selector, please follow the below link:


Anybus Wireless

Anybus Wireless Products


Anybus Wireless Bolt Serial


Anybus Wireless Bolt CAN


Anybus Wireless Bolt –

Ethernet RJ45 PoE


Anybus Wireless Bolt IoT


Anybus Wireless Bridge II


Industrial grade wireless connectivity

Enable fast and reliable wireless connectivity for factories, machines and buildings with Anybus Wireless

Get rid of your Ethernet cable


Do you have an Ethernet Cable? Want to make a wireless gap? Anybus Wireless Bridge is the prefect fit with it’s super easy setup and robust communication!

Wi-Fi Access Points

Supports Wi-Fi 5 and Mesh allowing you to expand Wi-Fi coverage without need to install ethernet cabling.

Low Power technologies


Need an Internet connection for your remote equipment? Bolt IoT provides a cheap industrial Low Power Wide Area connection using the LTE technologies CAT-M1 and NB-IoT with 2G fallback.



Bring Your Own Device phone/table/pc. Bolt is easy to use via Bluetooth or Wireless LAN connection.

Perfect together!


Seamless integration of Wireless Bridge and Wireless Bolt, they work perfectly together.

Managed L3 Switch


Port mirroring allows non-intrusive monitoring and trouble-shooting of your network.

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