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Industrial Communication

Empowering Industrial Connectivity with HMS Products


HMS Networks offers a range of products designed to solve industrial communication challenges, including Ewon remote access solutions, Anybus industrial networking solutions, and IXXAT PC interfaces.

Limited access to data from remote or difficult-to-reach machines, hindering efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

Difficulty connecting and integrating different devices and systems due to different protocols and interfaces.

Difficulty of connecting PC-based applications with fieldbus systems, which can be a complicated and time-consuming process without the right tools

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Ewon solutions connect machines to the internet, giving users access to the machine’s data anytime and anywhere.

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Anybus products enable industrial Ethernet network – wired or wirelessly

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Ixxat is a well-known brand in the automation market, especially for machine communication and safety.

Industrial Communication Products & Solutions

Straight forward remote access. From anywhere, at anytime


Collect data from remote machines via powerful Ewon Flexy product features and a worldwide, secure cloud.


DataHub lets you securely connect, concentrate, integrateand redistribute your live industrial data with ease.

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