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OPC Connectivity

Open Platform Communications (OPC) is an international data communications standard, ensuring interoperability between industrial automation devices and software systems from different manufacturers. Formed in 1995, the OPC Foundation governs the standard, ensuring total independence from any manufacturer.

M.A.C. Solutions has been the UK’s #1 expert of OPC software for over 20 years, acting as the technical representative for the world’s leading OPC software manufacturer.  We have supported 1000's of applications, from knowledge based scoping phase all the way through to post-sales technical support.

In the early days of OPC, applications focused upon communications between shop-floor PLCs and SCADA systems. Today, however, the role and scope of OPC is far wider, with OPC solutions now providing secure industrial data communications with business systems (MES, ERP), databases, real-time dashboards, web-servers and IoT cloud platforms.


OPC technology spans nearly every industry sector, including discrete manufacturing, process control, oil & gas, power, utilities and many more.

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