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WoMaster’s Sensor offering incorporates an extensive range of sensors designed for the challenging environment that they are looking to be deployed into.


With a wide variety of all-in-one multi function sensors to specific task sensors, WoMaster ensures that they have support a wide variety of uplink options from LoRaWAN to Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT)

WoMaster sensors drive data acquisition

In todays modern world understanding what is happening and the changes that are going on is more vital than ever before.


More systems are relying on up to date data to make critical decisions that can be the difference between success and failure, or in the worst case, loss of uptime and revenue.


Sensors for any environment 

WoMaster sensors offer a complete range from Weather and environmental conditions, water monitoring through to air quality, soil PH and moisture to parking spot monitoring to fit any application that is needing to collect the relevant data.


Designed for the world we live in

With compact and rugged designs ensuring that they will last the duration of the project, it has never been easier to get the data of what is happening on the front lines.


Longevity and Reliability at the heart of the design

With all of this new data it is essential that it be securely and reliably relayed to where it is needed to be collated and analysed, to make the important decisions. WoMaster supports both LoRaWAN and NB-IoT as options on it’s sensors to be able to securely and reliably get the sensor data to where it needs to be. 


With the full range of Edge IoT devices supporting this, it hasn’t been easier to create a simplified and secure network before.