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Kepware have been the world-leader in industrial OPC Server communications software for 25+ years.


Their flagship KEPServerEX software is industry’s leading connectivity platform, with an unrivalled reputation for reliability, stability and security.


Used by multi-national, blue-chip corporations, or small manufacturers alike, there is global installed base of 100,000+ licenses, across all industries.


KEPServerEX provides:

  • a unified platform for all industrial communications,

  • connectivity with a vast array of automation & industrial devices

  • connectivity with virtually any local software application, or Enterprise-level platform


We, at M.A.C. Solutions, have been the UK Technical Reseller for Kepware Technologies since 2001, with deep and wide expertise in industrial communications, whether this is for pre-sales technical discussions or post-sale technical support.


We can provide license models to suit all application types and scales from the purchase of a individual license for a stand-alone system to Enterprise-wide, subscription licensing, for ‘all-you-can-eat’ functionality and everything in between.


View the Kepware Support & Maintenance datasheet 

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