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OPC Router - bridge the OT-IT communication gap

As a central communications platform for Industry 4.0 / IoT projects, OPC Router offers automated data exchange by integrating all systems and isolated solutions across the business. The collected data can be used for data transfers, analysis, reports and for executing powerful workflows to increase efficiency and quality, while lowering production costs.


Its simplicity requires no IT skills or expertise, enabling efficient time-to-market implementation of the solution, resulting in cost savings from the software development phase of the overall project.


The modular OPC Router server license allows unlimited clients, data points and connections as required.

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What is OPC Router?


OPC Router works like a universal coordinator, enabling all systems and protocols to communicate, whether these are PLCs (programmable logic controllers), PCS (process control systems), SCADA, MES, MS SQL Server, other relational and non-relational databases, label printers, email servers, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or different cloud applications.


  • Latest middleware standard interfaces for data exchange across all automation levels

  • Incident-controlled connectivity between the automated systems

  • Individual connections and transfers are created via user-friendly graphical configuration

  • Implementation of various connection types using powerful modular plugins

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Database Data-Exchange


Databases are an important source and target for data at the various production levels. Production processes must be provided with ordering information, recipes or machine data. Large amounts of data are generated and must be stored. All this is an aspect of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0.


The OPC Router is a middle-software, that connects databases and different sources and thus drives the idea of IoT and Industry 4.0.


  • The OPC Router offers an easy and secure way to access data

  • Independent of the database provider: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC,…

  • Integration- and ETL-tools for all systems and isolated applications

  • Setting up machine-to-machine applications

Easy SAP® Integration

With the SAP®-plug-in you can easily connect SAP®-systems (as of R/3 4.5)


  • Communication takes place on the SAP®-side via standard interfaces or individually created BAPIs, RFCs or IDocs.

  • No programming skills are required, the connection is created conveniently via graphical configuration.

  • Link PLC, MES or other systems directly to SAP and save time by avoiding manual data transfer.

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Simple data-exchange with Cloud systems

No script connectivity to RESTful and MQTT enabled Cloud systems


Using the industry standard IoT protocols interface control systems with cloud systems. This enables control devices to make use of the valuable information available of web servers.


MQTT Client plugin supports:

  • Both Publish and Subscribe.

  • SSL encryption for secure communication

  • Predefined authentication methods including Azure, AWS and many more.


RESTful Plugin supports:

  • GET, PUT, POST and DELETE procedures

More Supported Plugins

The OPC Router Plug-ins offer a variety of freely combinable connection options, optimally adapted to your project.

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