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IoT & Edge Gateways


WoMaster IoT and Edge gateways are designed to offer multi-choice connectivity options for an ever changing access requirements.  With the constant drive for monitoring and maintenance data to be accessible anywhere and at anytime. WoMaster offers solutions that incorporate LTE, Wireless, LoRaWAN and serial connectivity to ensure whatever connection is needed you have the tools for the job.

LoRaWAN provides ease of access to data

LoRa WAN and Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) is changing the IoT landscape with not only the ability to get data which was previously thought to be too far away back to intelligent control centres but in a cost effective and secure manner.


WoMaster IoT LoraWAN and NB-IoT options bring the possible and some of the once thought impossible to fruition with class leading IoT Edge design in ruggedized small form factor solutions that come with all the connectivity options needed for modern applications.


Narrow Band IoT extends on LoRa WAN low cost long distance communications

Designed to bridge the gap between high cost long range fibre being used for small traffic flows but while still ensuring that the criticality of the data is not being compromised, IoT Edge solutions from WoMaster offer superior application flexibility while building on class leading feature sets including security to ensure application integrity.


Coupling the LoRaWAN and NB-IoT offerings with WoMasters onsite or cloud solution ThingsMaster allows for full remote analytics and control from anywhere in the world.

Data access has never been easier

As seen in many cases it is one thing to be able to get the data but unless you are able to derive real strategic benefits from it you are only utilising a fraction of its potential.


In today’s world where every penny can make a difference highlighting and controlling any part of an application no matter where in the world can result in never before seen advantages.

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