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Industrial Remote Access

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The Ewon Talk2M solution is an industrial-grade remote-access solution used by thousands of customers worldwide. With over 300,000 Ewon units installed across 130 countries, it's a reliable and efficient choice for machine manufacturers.

Since 2006, the Ewon Talk2M solution has helped manufacturers save millions of pounds in lost production costs and reduced service engineer travel time. By providing remote access to machines, manufacturers can quickly identify and resolve issues, leading to increased uptime and productivity.

MAC Solutions is the UK's largest reseller of Ewon products, serving as the UK Technical Reseller for 15 years.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in applications, pre/post-sales service and technical support.


Secure and easy remote connectivity for all your machines


Simply add an Ewon COSY, COSY+ or Flexy gateway inside the control panel of your machine, alongside any brand of PLC or HMI, to connect your equipment to the ‘Ewon Talk2M’ remote-access VPN cloud service.

Your machine is now remote-access ready and IIoT ready!

With just a few clicks, it is now possible to establish a secure connection to the remote machine, no matter where it is in the world, using any laptop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Immediately start to provide your customers with more efficient, proactive support.

  • Monitor the remote equipment for errors via proactive machine alerts

  • Avoid costly and time-consuming service trips

Best in the World

  • No. 1 remote access solution 6 years in a row

  • Freemium model with 20,000+ machine-builder users worldwide

  • High acceptance by factory owners

  • ISO27001 certified security


Straight forward remote access. From anywhere, at anytime


Collect data from remote machines via powerful Ewon Flexy product features and a worldwide, secure cloud.


DataHub lets you securely connect, concentrate, integrateand redistribute your live industrial data with ease.

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