DataHub WebView

Full-featured HMI

If you’re looking for a leading edge HMI to monitor your process, but you’re not ready to make the significant investment in a large and complex SCADA system, then DataHub WebView can easily meet your needs by delivering a self-contained system that includes real-time data delivery, web server and HMI designer for one enterprise wide solution with centralized management and deployment – all in one easy to install application.


What it does

  • Web-deployed HMI to view your real-time data.

  • Remote monitoring and supervisory control.



  • Unlimited client and data connections.

  • Real-time response, through very low latency connections.

  • Centralized deployment so you can build screens anywhere and view them instantly everywhere.

  • Integrate multiple data sources and protocols (OPC UA, DA, MQTT, databases, Modbus, etc.).

  • Make database calls from within web pages — great for management dashboards.