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Routing & Switching


WoMaster core routing and switching range covers everything needed to get basic connectivity right. With specific focus on the security of the core network components front of mind, all WoMaster Switches and routers come with a complete feature set that ensures the security of the network is paramount.

Designed for high data needs and feature rich

With the needs of networks changing to require ever greater edge and wireless capabilities it is easy to over look the core switching and routing aspect, within the requirements. 


WoMaster has still kept developing and evolving its core switch and router offering to make sure it is ready for the next challenge it will face.

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WoMaster brings traditional switching to Industry 4.0

Many overlook the role that the humble switch plays in todays networks but without this work horse most networks wouldn’t be able to deliver on the promises that they have made.


WoMaster’s switching and routing portfolio is always evolving to bring the latest innovations, whether it is redundancy with interoperability using ERPS, to security with things such as DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection and Access Control Lists (ACL’s)

Driving the focus on application diversity

With a host of applications also needing to source the power from the network, PoE and the various options that it comes in, is also a key consideration.


WoMaster has multiple options available to ensure that no matter you need powering they have a solution to support not only it power needs, but also its network connectivity options.

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Security at the forefront of network integrity

Security is playing a major role re-enforcing excising networks but in the design of new ones as the industrial markets has seen in recent years a number of high profile cyber attacks being aimed at it to cause maximum impact. 


WoMaster switches and routers come packed with features to help prevent any intrusion and downtime to make sure the industrial network isn’t the weak point.

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