Industrial Networking

With over 20 years of industrial IoT market experience, WoMaster Group is deemed as one of the leading IoT providers in Industrial world.
Based on the core belief that real success is derived only from long-term trust, the WoMaster is devoted to design and manufacture of high-quality industrial products for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, intelligent transportation and smart city surveillance. From networking devices to an all-in-one communication station, WoMaster adds value by the hardened design, public and private cloud platform, high levels of Cyber Security protection, and customer oriented solutions.

IoT & Edge Gateways

The power to understand what is happening at the edge of the network has never been greater, see how WoMasters collection of Industry 4.0 solutions can bring a new dimension to your network.

Industrial routing & switching 

Discover the latest in Industrial switching and routing to see how WoMaster's secure infrastructure solutions can solve tomorrows data connectivity problems.


Find out how the latest wireless solutions from MESH networking to 5G cellular back-ups can overcome todays connectivity problems

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Find out how WoMasters range of innovative sensor options can enhance the way in which you gather data