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DataHub IoT Gateway

Connect to Azure, Google, Amazon, and any standard MQTT

The DataHub® IoT Gateway™ streams real-time OPC UA and OPC DA industrial data directly into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), device clouds, and Big Data analytics platforms.


What it does

  • Connects OPC UA and OPC DA (Classic) clients and servers to any MQTT Broker, including Azure, Google and Amazon IoT

  • Supports publish and subscribe

  • Offers customizable JSON data format to support most MQTT applications

  • Supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), certificate-based authentication, username/password authentication, Last Will and Testament, and Quality of Service message delivery

  • Supports MQTT Version 3.1.1, including publish and subscription methods

  • Supports self-signed certificates from AWS IoT, enabling direct connection without a third-party intermediary



  • No point count restrictions

  • Automatic OPC ↔ MQTT protocol conversion built-in.

  • Eliminates cache latency and stale data, so you always know the data quality and have the most current value

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