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About Us

Our mission is to connect industrial data and securely present it for analysis at your fingertips.


We are always looking to find the best products for connecting industrial data; but when we find a product that meets industry’s needs we make sure we provide and support it long-term.  That’s why we’ve been the UK’s Kepware partner for the last 20 years!  Find out more about our connectivity products here:


Cyber Security is important to all our customers and we provide a number of products to meet a wide range of requirements including our long-term PLC recovery software from MDT.  Look at the full offering here.


M.A.C. Solutions is also the provider of the ProcessVue Alarm Management Suite.


M.A.C. Solutions was founded in 1996 in Redditch and is still based in the sunny midlands!  We have always focussed on the industrial software and hardware markets and we have provided a number of leading products over the years most notably Kepware and MDT Autosave. 



We serve industrial organisations mainly in the UK but also in many parts of Western Europe.  Now part of the wider Pantek Group we remain committed to providing great products, customer satisfaction and enjoying what we do!

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