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DataHub OPC Gateway


The DataHub® OPC Gateway™ converts real-time, streaming OPC UA data to DA or vice-versa.  Using the Gateway, you can connect any OPC DA server or client to any OPC UA server or client, locally or over the plant network.



  • Includes both client and server interface for both UA and DA.

  • Maintains the OPC UA data model, while other gateways flatten it.

  • Automatic OPC DA ↔ UA and UA ↔ DA protocol conversions built-in.

  • Automatically discovers all the points from the server.

  • Eliminates cache latency and stale data, so you always know the data quality and have the most current value

  • Multi-threaded interface means that a slow or non-responsive server will not slow down other connections

Automatic discovery

  • You don’t have to select all the points you want to read from the server, let the DataHub browse the whole data set.

  • This is more robust if the data set changes on the next run, the DataHub will figure it out.

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