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Cyber Security

It has never been more important to ensure that you protect your OT environment. With both targeted and non-targeted attacks affecting more industrial networks, MAC Solutions have developed a portfolio of products and services to help our customers identify, react and recover from a cyber incident.

MAC Solutions have over 25 years experience in delivering OT solutions to a customer base that includes some of the major names in manufacturing and infrastructure. Our deep OT knowledge has helped us to develop a portfolio that is tried and tested within the industrial environment and ensures that there is no compromise on availability of your assets.

Along with our partners, we are able to understand our customers risks and propose solutions that will not only deliver the capabilities required but will ensure that you get the results that you were expecting.

Cyber Threat Detection

The deeper integration between IT, cloud and industrial control networks (ICS) is exposing your industrial operations to cyber threats.

Business Continuity & Change Management

Octoplant ensures data consistency and greater protection in production plants.

Removable Media Protection

Threats are evolving faster than cybersecurity can keep up with. Often, an attack can stem from something as small and seemingly harmless as a USB.

OT Cyber Security Consultancy

At MAC Solutions our Cyber Security Gap Assessment (CSGA) is an essential step to ensuring your company implements an effective CSMS.


The Blackberry Cylance AI Platform is a cybersecurity suite that protects the complete attack surface with automated threat prevention, detection and response capabilities.

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