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Car Factory

Connect. Secure. Analyse.

M.A.C. Solutions is a leading provider of Industrial IT and OT technical products for the connected world. We work with businesses of all sizes to improve their industrial operations through the provision of the optimum software and hardware. Our goal is to connect industrial data and securely present it for analysis at our customer’s fingertips.


Our Solutions

We're not just about selling technology, we provide technical expertise and deliver real solutions that are adaptable, scalable and that work. By taking the time to understand your challenges, capabilities and potential; we are able to take your needs and turn them into the right solution for you.

OEM and Machine Builders

We help OEMs and machine builders to access their machines remotely and securely so they can provide efficient support to their customers.

OT Cyber Security

It has never been so important to protect your OT environment, we partner with the leading industrial cyber security suppliers in the UK and Ireland.

Hardened Networking

Hardware supply for railway, power and utility, intelligent transportation and security surveillance.

Open Platform Communications (OPC)

Technical experts in the OPC standard, we ensure interoperability between our customer’s industrial automation devices and software systems.

OT & Data Integration

Move data seamlessly from your operational technology into your information systems without tedious manual workarounds or costly bespoke software.


Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience across our product portfolio. Our customers can leverage this to ensure optimal equipment and software performance.  We are equipped to deal with most enquiries in-house, resolving them quickly and efficiently to keep your operations running smoothly.


We can escalate requests directly to the product manufacturer when needed, meaning our customers only need to speak to our in-house support team for all Technical Support requirements.


Technical Support at M.A.C. Solutions is available to customers during business hours via telephone and e-mail.

Get in Touch

Kingfisher Business Park, 6&7 Arthur St, Redditch B98 8LG, UK

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