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Stay connected to your remote devices with HMS Talk2M Cloud platform

Connect to your machines

With eCatcher, establish a secure VPN connection through the internet for troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial machines. 

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Monitor your machines

Monitor equipment performance through local or cloud dashboards, anytime anywhere: 

  • M2Web : A web portal to get a quick overview of your fleet of machines from any device. Monitor live machine KPI’s and receive alarms. 

Collect machine data

Easily integrate remote machine data into third-party applications for visualization and analysis, without any data loss or duplicate. Take advantage of our powerful API’s

Manage your connectivity

Manage all aspects of your connectivity (users, devices, permissions, security policies) from a central environment. Ideal to administrate multiple teams supporting various customers. Monitor all account activity thanks to logs, reports, and connection audit trails. 

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How it works? 

Talk2M is a cloud-based platform that provides secure, reliable connectivity for your remote devices. It works by establishing a secure VPN connection between your devices and the cloud, allowing you to access and manage them from anywhere. With Talk2M, you can monitor your devices, receive alerts, and control them remotely. 

What’s more? 

Talk2M Visualization Bring the machine data to life through visualized historical data dashboards paired with notifications and reports. Use data insights to level-up your decision processes. 

Leverage Data 

Streamlines fleet management with valuable machine data, enabling small teams to easily monitor machine health, trends, notifications, and reports to save time and manage large groups of machines effectively.


Pro-active Support Maintenance 

Offers advanced technical support with configurable notifications that alert support teams to potential problems before they become critical, delivering high-quality support at a low operational cost. 

Higher RoI 

Simple & scalable IoT solution that requires minimal investment and streamlines digitalization for small businesses, reducing customer onboarding support and increasing profitability. 

Regulatory Reports 

Automates machine reporting, simplifying the generation of regulatory reports with a single click of a button to save time and reduce manual efforts. 


Talk2M Powerful APIs 

Leverage machine data for any industrial application with powerful APIs

Industrial Communication Products & Solutions

Straight forward remote access. From anywhere, at anytime


Collect data from remote machines via powerful Ewon Flexy product features and a worldwide, secure cloud.


DataHub lets you securely connect, concentrate, integrateand redistribute your live industrial data with ease.

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