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Talk2M by HMS/Ewon: The Industrial-grade Connectivity Cloud for Ewon devices.

Worldwide : Transparent : Secure


Talk2M: Transparent and Secure Industrial Cloud

Ewon not only maintain but also constantly improve their levels of performance, service and security of our connectivity cloud.

In addition, Ewon openly publish the infrastructure availability figures on their website.

The cloud also adheres to the highest levels of security, thanks to its ISO27001 certification.

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Free of charge and included with all devices

The Ewon remote-access solution is a combination of the Ewon routers and the Talk2M cloud solution.

As a result, all devices are provided with remote-access cloud connectivity, free of charge.

You can add as many users and as many devices as you need while still enjoying the same quality of service.


Talk2M Pro : for our elite users

As business and management needs increase, we recommend that more demanding Talk2M Free users upgrade to a Talk2M Pro account.

This additional level of service provides improved user management and a global Service Level Agreement.

You also receive more traffic and data, additional concurrent connections, unlimited web portal connections, and the ability to segment your  sites according to customer, region, etc.

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