Cross-Domain Data Transfer

Energy, water, and other critical infrastructure companies are attacked every day. Utilities is one of the most targeted sectors in any country. Why? Because of its high public profile and the potential havoc that a breach can cause. 73% of utilities have suffered a data breach that led to public scrutiny, compared with 55% of other industries – and ransoms are getting bigger.


Threats are evolving faster than cybersecurity can keep up with. What do hackers want? To steal confidential data belonging to you, your clients and your suppliers, and to invade control systems. Often, an attack can stem from something as small and seemingly harmless as a USB. The infamous Stuxnet virus that infiltrated an Iranian nuclear power plant in 2010 originated from a USB stick used by an engineer on his home computer.


We believe every file and every device poses a threat. OPSWAT solutions are engineered to support our zero-trust philosophy and powered by a comprehensive, modular suite of products to address a wide range of cybersecurity use cases.




Around 30% of infections today come from infected USB devices. There are countless data exchanges happening in your building from uncontrolled networks to yours – and one compromised device can install malware such as backdoors, Trojans, information stealers, and other malicious content. The consequences of a single successful cyber-attack can be devastating.