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Trust No File. Trust No Device. Our Zero-Trust Philosophy

We believe every file and every device poses a threat. OPSWAT solutions are engineered to support our zero-trust philosophy and powered by a comprehensive, modular suite of products to address a wide range of cybersecurity use cases.

OPSWAT is a global leader in critical infrastructure cybersecurity that helps protect the world’s mission-critical organizations from malware and zero-day attacks. To minimize the risk of compromise, OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) solutions enable both public and private organizations to implement processes that ensure the secure transfer of files and devices to and from critical networks.


More than 1,000 organizations worldwide spanning Financial Services, Defense, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace, and Transportation Systems trust OPSWAT to secure their files and devices; ensure compliance with industry and government driven policies and regulations; and to protect their reputations, finances, employees and relationships from cyber-driven disruption. OPSWAT. Trust no file. Trust no device.

MetaDefender Platform

MetaDefender enables you to integrate advanced malware prevention and detection capabilities into your existing IT solutions and infrastructure for better handling common attack vectors: securing web portals from malicious file upload attacks, augmenting cybersecurity products, and developing your own malware analysis systems.


MetaAccess Platform

The complexities involved in maintaining visibility and control over what devices are accessing your network and are whether those devices are secure continue to grow, even more so with increased work from home scenarios. Adding to the complexity is the myriad of point products generally needed to gain visibility and control. MetaAccess is a comprehensive solution giving your organization secure network access and deep endpoint compliance. With this one platform approach, you can greatly simplify ongoing management, reducing time, effort and most importantly, risk.

MetaDefender Kiosk

MetaDefender Kiosk acts as a digital security guard—inspecting all media for malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data. MetaDefender Kiosk accepts multiple form factors, including CD/DVD, 3.5" diskettes, flash memory cards, mobile devices, and USBs—even when encrypted. Once inserted, MetaDefender Kiosk immediately scans for malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data. Suspicious files can be sanitized. Sensitive files can be redacted

MetaDefender Vault

MetaDefender Vault is a secure file storage and retrieval solution that protects critical data and keeps threats at bay. It limits access within an organization and provides important tracking and auditing information

MetaDefender Drive

MetaDefender Drive is a portable USB stick that can boot, scan and inspect devices for malware, vulnerabilities and compliance issues. MetaDefender Drive facilitates a secure process for devices entering and leaving your air-gap networks to help protect your critical infrastructure.

MetaDefender USB Firewall

MetaDefender USB Firewall provides another option for safely and securely leveraging the productivity advantages, flexibility, and convenience of portable media in IT or OT SCADA environments.

MetaAccess NAC

MetaAccess NAC ensures that every network connection and endpoint device is visible, allowed, or blocked in real-time, reducing the threat associated with security incidents substantially. Don’t risk your organization’s data and reputation by exposing it –ensure the security of your network, your constituents’ personal information, and your intellectual property remains intact.

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