One of the challenges industrial companies experience is getting the data they need from various operational technologies into their Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management systems for better asset management, greater efficiency, and smarter decision making. This is where Reekoh comes in.


Reekoh moves data between your operational and information systems to connect your physical and digital assets in a simple and scalable way that ensures data integrity and operational transparency for rapid decision making.

Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform

Bridge the gap between OT and IT once and for all with the multi-award winning Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform.


The unique plugin architecture understands operational devices, the data transport mechanism they use and what is required to integrate data into relevant information systems, allowing agile integration between IoT and IIoT devices and enterprise applications.


Utilise visual design tools and comprehensive data management modules to easily construct workflows and dashboards to control how data is acquired, transformed, and integrated to deliver key business outcomes.


Choose from hundreds of pre-built integrations to different enterprise systems, protocols, networks, and data sources to get quick and actionable insight into your operational technology and drive change.

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Reekoh Outpost™ Edge

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For many businesses in the industrial sector, it’s not feasible to base all operational data in the cloud. Security and safety risks, the need for business continuity and the sheer volume of irrelevant data produced from devices demands a different approach.


Reekoh Outpost™ Edge powers your complete Edge to Enterprise data workflow, giving you the ability to bridge your on-premise data to your enterprise business applications.


With Reekoh Outpost™ Edge, you can deploy full integration pipelines or components to compatible Edge devices using common Edge Management tools and partners such as Azure IoT Edge and AVEVA Edge.


Need smart and agile MQTT capability to quickly integrate your on-premise data to your enterprise applications? This is where Reekoh Outpost™ Edge MQTT Broker comes in.


Simple to configure and deploy the Outpost™ Edge MQTT Broker creates an immediate MQTT communication solution that can power simple data transfer or fully integrated enterprise applications.

Enterprise MQTT Cloud Brokers

When it comes to integrating the data from your operational technology to your information systems, you need a fast, efficient, secure, and reliable way to move your data.


The MQTT Cloud Brokers add-on module for the Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform utilises MQTT, one of the leading communication protocols for IoT and IIoT deployments, to allow instant data flow between industrial operational devices and enterprise systems.

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