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KEPServerEX is far more than just an OPC servers - it is an entire connectivity platforms for industrial automation and IoT.

The Advanced Plug-ins extend the capabilities of KEPServerEX, providing enhanced functionality, bringing benefits at the shop-floor and across the business.


Database Connectivity : DataLogger Plug-in


Logging of real-time production data to a local database is a common requirement, within manufacturing.


DataLogger is an easy-to-configure plug-in, that integrates seamlessly within KEPServerEX.


It logs data from the KEPServerEX platform to any ODBC-compliant database.

  • Supports any ODBC-compliant database management system

  • User-friendly installation and configuration

  • Drag and drop support for adding OPC data items (tags)

  • Supports dynamically-created tags

  • Provides flexible triggering


It is also possible to extract data from Databases, using the ODBC Driver.

IoT & Web-Server connectivity : IoT Gateway Plug-in


The IoT Gateway Plug-in links real-time production data, from KEPServerEX, with

  • Business-level , IT systems

  • Site-based web-servers

  • Internet-hosted IoT Cloud analytics platforms

  • Enterprise-level big-data clouds


Seamlessly streaming real-time industrial data direct to business systems, for real-time analysis, visualisation and storage.

  • Improved enterprise-wide decision-making, based upon real-time data

  • Real-time visibility of the same production data, across multiple business levels

  • More efficient production and capacity planning

  • Quicker root-cause, problem analysis & anomaly detection

  • Coherent data-security across all levels of the Enterprise


Advanced Tag Plug-in


Advanced Tags enables the execution of maths, logic, or analysis within the KEPServerEX connectivity platform


  • Cross-Link data values between dissimilar systems, PLCs, etc, in real-time

  • Calculating new values from raw measures

  • Pre-shape production data, before passing it upwards

  • Perform logical operations with the data, at the shop-floor level

OPC Tunnel Solution


Kepware's OPC-UA  tunnel solution  uses two instances of KEPServerEX, to provide a secure and reliable, real-time data tunnel through firewalls and across the internet, WAN, or LAN.

  • One KEPServerEX instance functions as the tunnel client.

  • The other instance functions as the tunnel server.

You can also use the same principle to create a ‘1-to-many’ multi-tunnel solution.


It allows for easy remote communications between devices, data sources, and applications, by eliminating the reliance on Microsoft COM and DCOM technology.


  • Easier configuration than DCOM and reliable in operation

  • Firewall-friendly

  • Robust portfolio of client interfaces and devices

  • Secure and reliable data transfer using 256-bit AES message signing and encryption

  • Multi-threaded architecture and non-blocking asynchronous messaging for performance, scalability, and reliability

  • Easy troubleshooting through diagnostic tools

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