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Anybus Wireless Bolt CAN

Anybus Wireless Bolt CAN enables you to connect industrial machines and devices to a wireless network. It is attached onto a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access over Bluetooth®, or Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN). It converts CAN data to/from TCP/IP communication over the wireless link.

With Anybus Wireless Bolt you get an All-in-one package featuring, connector, communication processor and integrated antenna in the same unit, with an industrial IP66/IP67 protection class.

Features & Benefits

  • CAN 2.0A/B (11/29 bit identifier) to wireless and TCP/IP conversion

  • Supports e.g. J1939 and CANopen and transparent transfer of any CAN protocol

  • Wireless communication using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  • CAN cable replacement “CAN to wireless to CAN” using 2xBolts

  • Wide baudrate support 10 kbps up to 1000 kbps

  • Up to 28 freely customizable CAN receive pass-through filters

  • Web-configuration over wireless or Ethernet LAN

  • Available with white top Sunbolt enabling 30% higher surrounding temperature compared to black in direct sunlight

  • Full compatibility with Anybus Wireless Bridge and Anybus Wireless Bolt Ethernet

  • CLI (Command Line Interface) for configuration and diagnostics

  • Individual baudrate support in a muilti-node network

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