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Cyber Threat Detection

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Secure your Industrial Control Systems

The deeper integration between IT, cloud and industrial control networks (ICS) is exposing your industrial operations to cyber threats. Cisco Cyber Vision has been specifically developed for OT and IT teams to work together to ensure production continuity, resilience and safety. You can now deploy Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and capture the benefits of your industry digitization efforts.

What can Cisco Cyber Vision do for you?

Security leaders

Enforce security policies that protect your industrial network without disrupting production

Control engineers

Gain visibility and insights to ensure production continuity, integrity and safety

Network managers

Deploy security monitoring at scale and drive network segmentation projects

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Security Assessments

Kick-start your OT security project by building an accurate list of all your industrial assets, communication patterns and network topologies.

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Converged IT/OT SOC

Feed your SOC (security operations center) with OT context and leverage the time and money you have invested in IT cybersecurity to secure your OT network.

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Network segmentation

Prevent attacks from spreading and build a network that can be effectively monitored with adaptive, dynamic network partitioning.

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Governance & Compliance

Take OT security to the next level: Have detailed information to comply with regulations and enable effective collaboration between OT and IT experts.

The essential tool for securing your industrial environment

You cannot secure what you don’t know. Cisco Cyber Vision gives you full visibility into your industrial control system (ICS), including dynamic asset inventory and real-time monitoring of process data. You now have the information to build secure infrastructures and maintain system integrity.

Cisco Cyber Vision is built into your industrial network equipment so you can easily deploy OT security at scale. It feeds your existing cyber security platforms with information on OT assets and events so you can build a unified IT/OT threat management strategy.

Bringing unprecedented scale and simplicity to IoT/OT Security

Secure your industrial network at scale.

No need for dedicated appliances and out-of-band networks. Cisco Cyber Vision is embedded into Cisco’s industrial network equipment. You will appreciate the unique simplicity and the lower costs when looking for deploying OT security at scale.

Gain 100% visibility

Cyber Vision leverages a unique combination of passive and active discovery to identify all your assets with no risk to devices and processes. As discovery is performed by your industrial network elements, inquiries are not blocked by firewalls or NAT boundaries, resulting in 100% visibility.

Real-time insights into your industrial processes

Maintain system integrity and production continuity. Cisco Cyber Vision understands proprietary industrial protocols to keep track of process anomalies, asset modifications and variable changes. It’s the “flight recorder” of your industrial infrastructure.


Threat intelligence built-in

Identify asset vulnerabilities in a snap. Immediately detect intrusions. Cisco Cyber Vision includes threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, the IoT Security Lab, CISA and other CERT so you can fix vulnerabilities, known and emerging threats before they hit you.


Advanced anomaly detection

Cisco Cyber Vision behavioural analytics detects process anomalies, faulty devices and unknown attacks. Create baselines to model the normal state of your production infrastructure and set rules that will trigger alerts covering all scenarios.

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Extend IT security to OT

Building and enforcing security policies for your industrial network just became easier. Cyber Vision is fully integrated with Cisco’s cybersecurity portfolio as well as many third-party security solutions. Its rich API will give you even more possibilities to share OT context with your existing tools. 

Cisco’s Unique Converged IT/OT Security Architecture

Cisco Cyber Vision secures your OT domain through seamless integration with your IT SOC and easy deployment within your industrial network.

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