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TXOne Networks partners with M.A.C. Solutions in UK and Ireland

TXOne Networks, a leader in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) security, announced that the company is cooperating with resellers M.A.C. Solutions to drive business in the UK and Ireland. The partnership ensures that customers in the region get the needed support to secure their OT infrastructures. This move will strengthen the positioning in both markets and drive business opportunities further in the OT security space. The partnerships are active since beginning of 2024.

M.A.C. Solutions is a leading provider of Industrial IT and OT technical products for the connected world. The company works with businesses of all sizes to improve their industrial operations through the provision of the optimum software and hardware. Their goal is to connect industrial data and securely present it for analysis.

Ian Bailey, Director at M.A.C. Solutions says: “We are looking forward to this partnership as we are eager to enhance the OT security capabilities of our customers. TXOne Networks is a global leader in this space and has a solution portfolio that actively secures OT infrastructures against cyber threats.”

M.A.C Solutions is among our most successful partners in the region and we already have undertaken some significant steps to support customers together. The OT threat landscape has increased tremendously over the past years with Ransomware-as-a-Service, Supply-Chain Attacks and Geopolitical Issues as we outlined in our recent report “The Crisis of Convergence: OT/ICS Cybersecurity 2023”.

“We are helping business safeguarding their OT infrastructures through cyber security solutions 100% developed for the unique requirements of those environments,” explains Richard Allan, Regional Director UK & Northern Europe at TXOne Networks.

TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of industrial control systems and operational technology environments. TXOne Networks works together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices using a real-time, defense-in-depth approach.

Learn more about how TXOne Networks can help you below:

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