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MDT Autosave

Backups and change management for automation devices

MDT AutoSave is the market leading tool that allows you to save, protect, restore, control, recover, manage and track changes made to industrial automation and control devices (API, SCADA, HMI, CNC, Robots, etc. .), by protecting your company's investment from costly mistakes. It also has regulatory compliance modules such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Backup and Change Management for SCADA Wonderware

MDT AutoSave for Wonderware System Platform (A4SP) includes managing changes to objects, graphics, models and instances while maintaining full traceability and methods of recovering deleted objects easily and quickly.

Backup and Recovery

Having backup copies of plant devices is essential to minimize downtime in the event of failure or replacement. 


Manual and automatic backups

MDT Autosave has a scheduler to make sure you always have the latest version of your devices protected.

Detection and alert of uncontrolled changes

MDT Autosave has mechanisms to detect and alert in case of modifications to the devices and to report the modifications made.


Information always available

MDT Autosave uses standard technologies for storage and access to backup copies. In this way, in case of problems with your software, the backup copies remain accessible and recoverable. 

Controlled change process

Unique user interface

MDT Autosave adds a single user interface that allows you to manage the different versions of each of the industrial automation programs. Each of the modifications made will be identified and stored with information allowing to identify it (when, who, what changed, why, ...) This interface is integrated into the development software of the manufacturers and therefore does not require any additional training.


The MDT Autosave user interface establishes a credentials and permissions mechanism that allows, on the one hand, to have access control to automation programs and, on the other hand, to trace what user changed which program and when. Auto-backup authentication can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory.

Central version repository

The MDT Autosave server establishes a central server where all modifications and backups of industrial automation programs are stored. The storage infrastructure can be external and the repository uses standard technologies to allow direct access without the need for third-party tools.

Recovery from previous versions

Changes happen and so do mistakes. In this situation, the automatic backup allows to recover a previous state of configuration of the device with a few clicks.


Compatibility overview

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