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Designed for IoT scalability, ThingWorx Kepware Server is an Enterprise version, that provides flexible, standardized, industrial connectivity that is cost effective, easy to implement, and supports a wide depth and breadth of disparate assets.


• Across a Factory - 1 license key across all servers

• Across an entire Enterprise - 1 license key across all servers, across all locations.

Key Features & Benefits

• Access to all Kepware Drivers and Advanced Plug-ins

• Deploy without the need for new purchase orders

• Scalable, Simplified Licensing, with Flexible Pricing and a fixed cost per year

• Enterprise support - award-winning, multi-level  support from connectivity experts at both MAC and Kepware

• Accelerate IIoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives

• Centralised Data Management and Data Access, across all sites and assets uniformly

• Standardised, scalable, repeatable architecture across the entire organization