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MetaDefender Drive

MetaDefender Drive is a portable USB stick that can boot, scan and inspect devices for malware, vulnerabilities and compliance issues. MetaDefender Drive facilitates a secure process for devices entering and leaving your air-gap networks to help protect your critical infrastructure.


A Powerful Device Assessment for malware, vulnerability, and sensitive data.

The use of transient devices like laptops for data transfer or field operations while fulfills business needs, reveals a scenario where air-gap networks can be infiltrated. How do you as critical infrastructure organization deal with this challenge?


MetaDefender Drive is built to help you! A portable USB stick that can boot, scan and inspect devices for malware, vulnerabilities and compliance issues, MetaDefender Drive facilitates a secure process of devices entering and leaving your air-gap networks, thus effectively helps protect your critical infrastructure.

Inset. Reboot. Inspect.

  • Scan your device before booting on - while it is still offline.

  • Scan with multiple anti-malware including McAfee, AVIRA, Bitdefender, and more. Detecting threats others may miss.

  • Scan for tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities.

  • Support online and offline environments (Internet optional).

  • Detect sensitive data in stored documents, images and videos.

  • Detect software components manufactured by foreign adversaries.

  • Support all popular operating systems - Windows, Linux, macOS.

  • Supports encrypted hard drives using BitLocker, FileVault, LUKS, and more.

  • Analysis, reports and deployments are centrally managed via OPSWAT Central Management.

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Secure Device Transfer to and from your Critical Networks

Detect malware that other solution may have missed.

MetaDefender Drive leverages multiple anti-malware engines such as Avira, Bitdefender, ESET, Kaspersky, and McAfee that increase detection rate, decrease detection time of outbreaks and and provide resiliency to related to compliance or vulnerabilities of anti-malware vendors.

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Detect Vulnerabilities when your devices are offline

MetaDefender Drive enables you to scan your devices for vulnerabilities within installed software, IoT controllers, and firmware updates.

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Detect and prevent sensitive data in files

MetaDefender Drive can detect sensitive and confidential data, such as PII, including credit card and social security numbers. In documents images and videos.

Country of origin detection

MetaDefender Drive integrates Country of origin detection to show information about the developing countries of the applications of files. We can declare which countries of the software being published from maybe belong to the Government’s foreign adversaries list.


Scanning from a secure system produces trusted results

Your device will boot from MetaDefender Drive’s secure operating system which enables scanning your target system to the kernel level, all while it’s not actively running. This warrants better detection of advanced malware like rootkits, which can be missed by traditional and next generation anti-malware.

MetaDefender Drive supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Manage to scale

MetaDefender Drive can be managed by OPSWAT Central Management remotely, perfect for large scale deployments. All the detailed analysis reports can be centrally collected, analyzed on a single pane of glass.


Report for better decisions

MetaDefender Drive generates a detailed report that enables you to make a decisions with trusted results.

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