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What is Fetch?

Fetch Data Collector is the first software developed by an Ewon distributor, designed to collect data from the Ewon Flexy range. The software connects securely via the Talk2M cloud, eFive VPN concentrator, Data MailBox or directly over LAN using HTTPS encryption. Fetch "configuration" takes less than 5 minutes to collect data from a device and it can collect data from Ewon devices around the world*.

Easy to use

3-Step configuration

Secure HTTPS encryption

Logs historical tag values and alarms

Store to CSV files

Store to ODBC Compliant Database

Data Structure Flexibility

Redundancy features

Compatible with Talk2M, eFive, and DataMailbox

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7 Days Free Trial

Ewon Data Collection Solutions –Comparison

FetchVS eSync

*Ewon devices which are on the same Talk2m account

  • Filters
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout

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