Cyber Security

A Four-Pronged Approach:

1- Prevent malware entering your site with USB protection

2- Detect vulnerabilities and incidents with software built for the Industrial Automation use-case

3- Secure unencrypted cable runs from “Man in the Middle" threats

4- Detect unauthorised changes to controllers and SCADA systems and recover them to a known good.  A customer reminded us recently that  ”you don’t get fired for having a cyber-attack on your site but you do get fired if you cannot recover from one”


USB Sheepdip

Prevents malware infections

 Eliminates human-factors in your digital security risk factors

Prevents the unauthorised use of USB-based devices

Allows for zone-based authorisation of USB

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Deep Packet Inspection

Real time incident reporting

Learns nature of industrial network for anomaly detection

Discover zero-day vulnerabilities

No interruption to operations

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Change Management

Secure backup disaster recovery

recognise unauthorised changes

personnel time/date based change log audit trail

Full deployable history of previous versions

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E2EE Encryption

No loss of bandwidth

Secure legacy PLCs and automation equipment

Low latency

Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks

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