KEPServerEX by Kepware : the world’s best-selling OPC Server


KEPServerEX® is the global leading connectivity platform for achieving a single source for production data across all of your industrial and non-industrial applications.

One platform to connect production, IT and business systems

KEPServerEX® connects with a vast array of automation devices and software application in a single interface.

KEPServerEX also integrates with IT-centric environments, web-based applications and IoT platforms, through various interfaces, such as SNMP, ODBC (SQL) & web services (HTTP/S).

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Legendary and Award-winning stability & reliability

The platform is developed and tested to meet the demanding, complex needs of global corporations, but is priced at a level to allow small organisations to benefits of its performance, reliability, and ease-of-use.

Hugely scalable, with over 150+ drivers, to cater for a wide range of production devices (e.g. PLC)

Multiple plug-ins for 3rd-party connectivity to databases, IoT platforms, web-applications and the like

OPC-UA at the core, for data security with authentication, encryption & deep diagnostics

Multiple level of user and client security including “Security Policies Plug-in” for full control of OPC access

Externally configurable, from 3rd-party secure web-applications (HTTPS)

Multi-language support, for world-wide deployment

Modular construction : buy only the components you need

Popular (PLC) Drivers

Below are the most popular drivers deployed by KEPServerEX users (in total, KEPServerEX has a library of 150+ different drivers).

Each Suite provides functionality all of the applicable drivers, relevant to a specific PLC manufacturer

Rockwell PLC Suite

Siemens PLC Suite

Modbus Suite

Mitsubishi Suite

Omron Suite

GE Suite

Simatic 505 Suite

OPC Connectivity Suite (for interacting with other OPC Servers)

Systems Monitor Suite (for monitoring the Windows OS and PC hardware)

User-Configurable Driver (for achieving communications with non-standard devices)

These can be purchased individually, or by purchasing the “Manufacturing Suite”, which includes all of the above, plus 100+ other driver protocols. Please contact us for further information and prices.

Database Connectivity

Logging of real-time production data to a local database is a common requirement, within manufacturing.

DataLogger is an easy-to-configure plug-in, that integrates seamlessly within KEPServerEX.

It logs data from the KEPServerEX platform to any ODBC-compliant database.

Supports any ODBC-compliant database management system

User-friendly installation and configuration

Drag and drop support for adding OPC data items (tags)

Supports dynamically-created tags

Provides flexible triggering

It is also possible to extract data from Databases, using the ODBC Driver.

IoT & Web-Server connectivity

It is now possible to link real-time production data, from KEPServerEX, with business-level IT systems using this advanced plug-in.

The IoT Gateway seamlessly streams real-time industrial data directly into

site-based web-servers

Enterprise-level device clouds

Internet-hosted IoT Cloud analytics platforms

….using the standard of RESTful web services.

The IoT Gateway connects Operations with IT, allowing business-level users, across the Enterprise, to monitor, analyse, and visualize data in real-time.

improved enterprise-wide decision-making, based upon real-time data

real-time visibility of the same production data, across multiple business levels

more efficient production and capacity planning

quicker root-cause, problem analysis & anomaly detection

coherent data-security across all levels of the Enterprise

Advanced Plug-ins

Media Level Redundancy for KEPServerEX enables users to quickly and easily establish redundancy, ensuring reliable communications with critical assets

Other KEPServerEX plug-ins include…

OPC Alarms and Events (AE) Plug-ins

Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) Data Exporter Plug-ins

Industrial Data Forwarder Plug-in for Splunk

Local Historian Plug-in


SNMP Agent Plug-in

Advanced Tags enables the execution of maths, logic, or analysis within the KEPServerEX connectivity platform. It has many uses including:

linking data tags between PLCs,

setting a trigger based on logical states,

calculating new values from raw measures

pre-shaping data, before it is passed upwards to the OPC Client applications

Other KEPServerEX drivers

  • ABB Totalflow
  • Allen-Bradley 1609 UPS
  • Allen-Bradley Bulletin 900
  • Alstom Redundant Ethernet Suite
  • Analog Devices
  • Aromat Suite
  • AutomationDirect / Koyo EBC
  • AutomationDirect / Koyo Suite
  • BACnet
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT
  • Bristol/IP
  • Busware Ethernet I/O
  • Contrex Suite
  • Custom Interface Driver
  • Cutler Hammer Suite
  • Dataforth isoLynx
  • DDE Client Driver
  • DeviceNet (Hilscher Universal)
  • DNP3 Suite (unlimited)
  • Enron Modbus
  • Fanuc Focas Suite
  • Fisher ROC Suite

  • Fuji Flex
  • Hilscher Universal
  • Honeywell Suite
  • Idec Serial
  • IEC 60870-5 Suite
  • IEC 61850 MMS Client
  • Intelligent Actuator (IA) Super SEL
  • InTouch Client Driver
  • IOTech PointScan 100
  • ISNMP (including Ping-OPC)
  • Krauss Maffei MC4 Ethernet
  • Lufkin Modbus
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Micro-DCI
  • MTConnect
  • ODBC Database Client Driver
  • Omni Flow Computer
  • OPC Connectivity, Tunnelling & Aggregation
  • Optimation OptiLogic
  • Opto 22 Ethernet
  • Partlow ASCII
  • Philips P8/PC20

  • Profibus (Hilscher Universal)
  • SattBus Suite
  • Scanivalve Ethernet
  • Security Policies Plug-in
  • SIXNET Suite
  • SquareD
  • System Monitor
  • Telemecanique Uni-Telway
  • Thermo Westronics Suite
  • Tiway Host Adapter
  • Torque Tool Ethernet
  • Toshiba Suite
  • Toyopuc Suite
  • Triconex Ethernet
  • WAGO Ethernet
  • Weatherford 8500
  • WITS Suite (Wellsite Info Trans Spec)
  • Yaskawa Suite
  • Yokogawa Controller
  • Yokogawa Suite
  • Yokogawa YS100

How to Download KEPServerEX Kepware V6 Part Numbers Kepware Compatibility Matrix

  • Filters
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout

LinkMaster is a universal data-bridge, for both OPC servers and clients.

Typical uses include aggregating data into one location and bridging data-values between OPC Servers


L'option Advanced Tag pour KEPServerEX

L'option Advanced Tag pour KEPServerEX offre un moyen pratique, rentable, et simple pour générer des données "secondaires" ou dérivées, à partir de données OPC existants.

Ceci est typiquement utilisé pour regrouper les données existantes, ce qui est plus approprié pour l'archivage et l'analyse de haut niveau.


KepServerEX Alarms & Events plug-in

Kepware's Alarms and Events plug-in pour KEPServerEX peuvent aider à réduire les coûts et améliorer les performances.

Les clients OPC AE peuvent recevoir et visualiser les alarmes du process, les actions des opérateurs, des messages d'information et des messages de suivi / audit directement à partir de the KEPServerEX's Alarms and Events Plug-in.


Kepware OPC DataLogger

L'enregistreur de données est une application facile à configurer qui enregistre les données d'un serveur OPC dans n’importe quelle base de données compatible ODBC.

L’Intégration de DataLogger dans KEPServerEX fournit, des avantages substantiels uniques tels que l'installation simple, des performances de haute efficacité, et la navigation facile dans l'espace OPC.



RedundancyMaster augmente la fiabilité et la disponibilité des données OPC en permettant à plusieurs serveurs OPC à être configurés en redondance.

Chaque paire redondante apparaît de façon transparente comme un seul serveur OPC à n'importe quelle application client OPC.

RedundancyMaster peut être ajouté à n'importe quelle application client / serveur existant sans aucune reconfiguration de l'application, en laissant vos process en cours sans interruption.


KepServerEX OPC UA Connectivity Suite & Tunneler

OPC UA Client Driver, en collaboration avec le serveur OPC UA pour KEPServerEX, offre une solution idéale pour le tunneling pour la sécurité les données l'OPC dans un réseau local, un réseau étendu, ou même sur Internet.

Le pilote client OPC UA fournit un tunnel de communication entre deux ou plusieurs ordinateurs, ce qui permet de transférer des données en toute sécurité et de manière fiable. Ceci élimine le recours à la technologie Microsoft COM et DCOM, et fournit de meilleures performances et des modes de défaillance déterministes.

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Kepware Awards:

"Engineers Choice Award" :        Kepware wins 2 Years in a Row

“Control Engineering” Awards  :                         Kepware wins

“Control Engineering” Annual Awards  :              KEPServerEX Wins “Connectivity” Category

“Manufacturing Automation" :     Kepware Wins "Kinetic Process Innovation Award”

Invensys  :         Kepware Awarded "Partner Achievement Award"

OPC Training Institute :              5 Star Product Rating Award

OPC Certification :         KEPServerEX v5 Passes OPC Certification with Ease

"First Team" Supplier in AutomationWorld's Leadership in Automation Program 2011

Gerdau Ameristeel : Communications automation technology award

Kepware Awarded Maine "Technology Company of the Year"

Business of Year Award - Portland, Maine 2009



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