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Through its patented Kinetic Mesh technology, Rajant brings to life an extremely agile and adaptable wireless broadband solution that thrives in today’s diverse, ubiquitously mobile environments: the Living Network.

How It Works

Using a combination of BreadCrumb® wireless network nodes and InstaMesh® routing technology, Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks employ any-node to any-node capabilities to continuously and instantaneously route data via the best available traffic path and frequency—for any number of nodes, all with extremely low overhead.

Rajant BreadCrumbs can communicate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video applications across the meshed, self-healing network.


What’s Enabled

Kinetic Mesh networks work autonomously to provide optimal connectivity across an organization’s dynamic environment of fixed and mobile assets, delivering robust applications in real-time.

  • Total Mobility: Every node in a Kinetic Mesh network can act independently and with full routing capabilities, making it a true peer-to-peer network that is completely mobile-enabled.
  • Proven Resiliency: With no single point of failure and self-healing capabilities, Kinetic Mesh networks guarantee uptime of your mission-critical applications.
  • Maximum Bandwidth Utilization: Kinetic Mesh networks make use of all installed radios to dynamically route wireless and wired connections over the best available links.
  • Rapid Scalability: While traditional mesh networks degrade as nodes are added, Kinetic Mesh networks grow stronger with each additional node. Nodes also self-configure for easy spin-out.
  • Extreme Ruggedness and Security: Born from military and mining applications, Kinetic Mesh networks are proven to withstand the harshest conditions and support AES-CCMP and TKIP encryption with configurable per-hop, per-packet authentication.

This combination of technical functionality infuses Kinetic Mesh with the adaptability, flexibility, intelligence, and mobility to help organizations across industries improve operational effectiveness, enhance quality of service, drive productivity, and generate increased ROI.



InstaMesh is able to dynamically optimize performance as network characteristics change, whether nodes are added or subtracted, frequencies are opened or blocked, or the assets it connects are moved over large areas. When a user changes, moves, or disables a device in the network, that change only needs to be managed locally, not propagated throughout the network.

As a completely distributed protocol, InstaMesh responds rapidly to network topology changes to ensure robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency.

Enables the Kinetic Mesh Network’s Full Mobility

Unlike traditional meshing technologies, which rely on a single stationery controller node to manage decisions across the network, every node in a Kinetic Mesh network can act independently and with full routing capabilities. The InstaMesh protocol seamlessly networks fixed, wireless, and mobile nodes together and will dynamically redirect traffic between the next best available points if any one peer is compromised or obstructed.

This self-healing capability not only provides for no single point of failure, but enables network nodes to seamlessly switch between available radio frequencies based on best-path analysis at the node level.

Makes Routing Decisions on a Packet by Packet Basis

InstaMesh always prefers the fastest path to any destination, based on the state of the network at the time at which each packet needs to be transmitted. Each node learns and constantly reevaluates the best link to use for each destination in real time by analyzing every packet flowing through it.

This approach allows the Kinetic Mesh network to make extremely fast decisions and react immediately to changing network conditions, without consuming excessive bandwidth for overhead messages.

Provides Proprietary Advantage but is Standards Aligned

While InstaMesh leverages a proprietary algorithm, it is fully compatible with 802.11 standards. The protocol routes packages over Layer 2. If your voice, video, and data communications can be sent over Ethernet, it can be sent over the Kinetic Mesh network.



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