MAC Solutions has expanded its range of Industrial Data Communication products by becoming a Cisco Select Partner. This partnership allows MAC Solutions customers to access the entire Cisco product range. In addition, MAC Solutions has also been selected to participate in the Cisco IoT VAR partner program to complement its expanding range of OT (operational technology) focused Cyber security solutions – one of only a few companies at present selected to represent Cisco in the UK market within this area.

As a specialist in Industrial Data Communications and IoT, MAC Solutions has extensive knowledge of deep package inspection technologies to help in the fight against OT focused Cyber-crime. MAC Solutions was already representing Sentryo Cyber Vision in the UK market when Cisco acquired Sentryo in late 2019 in order to add to its own growing portfolio of OT focused Cyber solutions.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) era, there has never been a more important time for industrial OT and traditional IT organisations to take a transformative approach to business outcomes.

The addition of Cisco products will enable MAC Solutions to guide its customers through the ever increasing complexities of protecting valuable data and production systems, as these customers complete their journey from IoT and OT into the IT network. With the Cisco portfolio and through collaboration, MAC Solutions can now offer solutions for every step of this networking progression.Santos Muro, Product Manager at MAC Solutions


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