Industrial Internet Servicing

At M.A.C. Solutions (UK), we passionately believe that the key drive to sustainable growth for OEMs and industrial technology enterprises is the capability to turn data into profits.

With contributor’s from leading thinkers in the industry, this blog will help you stay on the leading edge of the technology and business thinking that enables you to implement:

*** Technology that can connect and secure your assets
*** Analytics and organisational re-design it takes to create real value from the data in your business.

Data to profits - Rolls Royce Total Care Business Success

Rolls Royce Aerospace is one of the best current industrial examples of how a company has turned data into profits. Over the past 10 years they have fundamentally changed their business model from break fix based charged by time and materials, to offering a managed service that delivers power from an engine.  The corner stone of this transformation has been the development of very sophisticated remote/telematics technology to provide real time data on engine performance, and then align the complete organization including R&D and Service behind the customer’s need of engine power when they need it.

This transformation has led to Rolls Royce this year declaring that more than 50% of their revenues now come from services. Quite surprising for one of the UK’s most well known global manufacturing businesses. This has been no accident, but a conscious decision to change Rolls Royce from a product/technology company selling engines, to delivering ‘Total Care’ that improves their customers operations.

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