The sometimes stressful process of checking-in passengers and baggage at a major airport like Norway’s Oslo is simplified by easy-to-use systems. In an environment wheredowntime must be avoided, the challenge is to find solutions that are not only user-friendly but also offer maximum reliability.


When the check-in staff at Oslo Airport got the chance to choose, they picked Beijer Electronics’ iX HMI solution with graphical operator panels. In the airport company’s thorough evaluation of the market products, long-term supplier collaboration was seen as crucial.


The slim yet robust T7A panels facilitate check-in and contribute day-in and dayout to Oslo Airport’s position as one of Europe’s most efficient. Part of the Beijer Electronics HMI concept, iX software made it possible to keep the time between idea and finished application short.

When users get to choose

Throughout the in-depth evaluation that preceded choosing the operator panel, graphic capability, price, durability, and technical performance were all examined – along of course with ease of use. In a practical test of products from three competing vendors, users gave the best results to T7A, a seven-inch screen loaded with iX.

“The choice was made when the users had had their say”Per Viggo Andersen, manager of the airport’s extremely important baggage handling.

The three service companies handling baggage and passenger flow at the airport, SAS Ground Services, Menzies Aviation and Røros Flyservice, were all involved in the evaluation. Per Viggo Andersen continues to say that the number of users amounts to several hundred and that simplicity is crucial for their often demanding work.

“We also needed the touch-sensitive screens to be robust enough to last for years while being compact enough to be mounted in the desks of the check-in counters.”
Materials such as rugged aluminum and an IP65 classification ensure proper operation of the T7A.

A future-proof choice

The job of modernizing the check-in counters at OSL was given to DSG Systems. The company specializes in solutions for airport check-in, baggage handling and airport security controls.

Endre Viko is the system manager at DSG Systems. In his opinion, the iX Developer tool which reduces the time between idea and completed HMI application is one of the main benefits of the T7A. He also feels he is backed up by a solid supplier:

“We have a good dialogue and I find it’s easy to get support as well as an attentive ear for our needs as well as any ideas we have.” Making a future-proof product selection is obviously important. The fact that Beijer Electronics has been developing operator panels since the 1980s is a convincing argument for the iX HMI solution, according to Endre Viko and Per-Viggo Andersen.

Reliable suppliers create confidence

Oslo Airport moved from Fornebu to Gardermoen in the fall of 1998 and has a highly automated baggage-handling system, for which Beijer Electronics delivered PLC products among other things. According to Per Viggo Andersen, the baggage, which exceeds 33000 bags per day, almost seems to sort itself.

In spite of the fact that the T7A’s predecessors in check-in counters may not have been anything to boast about in terms of appearance, they also contribute to the confidence level. These MAC40-panels - with keypad and two-line display of 16 characters each - where also supplied by Beijer Electronics.

In the in-depth evaluation that preceded the choice of operator panel, graphic capability, price, durability and technical performance were all examined.

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