Creating Profit Through Services


Benefits of exploiting Servitization:

Better customer economics / profitability

Improved customer productivity

Increased customer market share

Improved customer performance (OEE)

Improved machine uptime

Reduce machine intervention

Profile preventative maintenance


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Data Historian
Analyse KPI
Publish Web
Alarm and Notify
  • AssetVue uses proven, robust, industrial strength hardware and software to communicate and collect vital data from your assets. These assets can be locally or remotely connected to AssetVue securely.

    Communication Platforms:

    eWON and Talk2M (Industrial M2M Router and Gateway)


    The eWON router allows OEMs and system integrators to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing and to communicate universally with the most varied field equipment. The eWON router is a data collection gateway The main applications with the eWON are data monitoring and data collection from remote field equipment.

    Talk2M is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the growing need for broadband and wireless access in the automation world for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment.  The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunnelling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while hiding the complexity of the IT network infrastructure.

    eFive makes the perfect bridge between your remote PLC and your SCADA in a wide range of applications:

    • Water and Waste Water
    • Utilities
    • Wind Power
    • Energy
    • Biogas
    • Other remote applications

    OPC Communication Suite

    OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. The OPC Foundation is an independent body responsible for the development and maintenance of this standard.

    AssetVue uses these platforms to interface to the machines securely and retrieve data for analysis. This data is stored in the historian and used to produce reports that enable machine builders to improve customer OEE.

  • M.A.C. Solutions have developed Fetch Software specifically to retrive data that is logged on eWON devices.

    Certain eWON devices have the capability to log data from the machine or process.

    This data can be useful for many purposes:

      • Compliance
      • Quality
      • Traceability
      • Production KPI’s

    Logged data can now be collected from eWON devices, via Talk2M or via an eFive VPN device. The software is designed to connect to remote eWON devices and collect logged data based on a required schedule. Data collected can be stored in CSV or other file formats.

    This data can then be forwarded to any application for further analysis.

    Fetch Software forms an integral part of AssetVue Asset Management Suite.


  • Data Historian

    Powered by ACRON

    A Historian brings together process, production and business data into a cohesive context, allowing you to understand performance, and make informed decisions.

    Data from the server is stored using ACRON data historian that caters to the smallest possible applications to enterprise-sized systems.  With a robust and fault-tolerant database and client-server architecture, the software is scalable and can grow with your requirements over time allowing you to profile your equipment performance under different scenario’s and use cases.

    Key features of a Historian:


    • Architecture for safe and secure process data recording
    • Scalable from 50 to 100,000 data points
    • Certified interfaces to industry control systems
    • Good price-performance ratio 


    The basis of every automated system is it’s data. This is fundamental for all logging, analysis, verification of quality and performance. As the foundation for all company operations, data is crucial for improving productivity and providing trace-ability and therefore can help in determining the success of the company. This directly relates to creating customer value by turning ‘raw data’ into ‘actionable ‘information’.

  • Powered by ACRON   

    ACRON generates comprehensive reports from process datafor any time period. As standard, compression algorithms produce data for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. It is also possible to generate reports that have variable time periods (for e.g. shifts). Event or batch reports are defined by start and end conditions. These types of reports are often found in the manufacturing, process, production and food industry as well. You can create and publish either in-house or custom reports for both your own internal use and your customer’s perspective to suit your industry or contractual commitments.


    Reports and application examples are available for various industries.

    Regulatory Compliance:The report assistant helps the user to generate complex reports quickly and reduces the project planning time. 

    ACRON fulfils regulatory compliance in many different markets (e.g. 21 CFR 11, ATV M260, TA Abfall, etc.). Through its flexibility it is easy to assign process values to individual layouts. This enables the user to gain fast access to information out of their plant and visualise the return on investment.

    ACRON6 Excel Add-In

    This Office integration program makes it possible to generate reports and analyses. You can access ACRON data fast by using Microsoft Excel. Further management of the data can then be done in Excel. The Excel Add-In has an Excel interface. This means the user can work in a familiar environment with ease.

    ACRON Graph

    Convenient and user-friendly display using curves. Measuring points or e.g. minimum/maximum values and other statistical evaluations can be identified differently using various markers:

    • Special display of digital variables in graphs
    • Comprehensive statistical evaluations
    • Relative/absolute time offset for every variable
    • Unlimited analysis of data
    • Fast access to data
  • Powered by atvise®

    Web Publishing: publish your reports and trend data using atvise® a powerful web HMI & SCADA visualisation software that uses open standards such as HTML5 and vector graphics (SVG).  It allows information to be accessed from any PC, Mac, Mobile, or Smart Phone device without any additional plug-ins. Unlike traditional HMI, SCADA systems, atvise® was developed with the internet in mind allowing you to take full advantage of pure, open web-based technologies.


    Pure Web

    atvise® is a professional HMI product that has been developed from scratch with web-standards like SVG (vector graphics) of the WWW Consortium (W3C). Only such technologies will be displayed and executed by all common web browsers without additional plug-ins, ActiveX, Java or Silverlight - today as well as in future.

  • Alarm & Notify: an information portal that provides an alarm workflow and escalation system to make sure the right person gets the alarm or notification wherever they are in the world. With inputs from multiple industry standard sources and operator acknowledgement possible, AIP closes the loop to increase maintenance and alarm notification efficiency.


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