Remote Access (eWON Cosy)

Today, every machine builder recognizes the need to remotely access its machines and equipment in the field in order to drastically reduce maintenance costs and optimize customers machine uptime.

What does remote access allows you to do?

  • Troubleshoot and program PLCs remotely
  • View and control your remote HMIs
  • Connect to a web camera for assistance
  • Support field technicians for commissioning

Why eWON remote access?

  • Turnkey solution with free connectivity
  • Recommended by PLC vendors
  • Worldwide infrastructure & coverage
  • Compatible with automation devices (incl. legacy)
  • High customer & IT acceptance
  • Connect anywhere on any device

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Thames water

By installing eWON industrial-grade Ethernet routers – which provide secure, ADSL and GPRS-based remote control and diagnostics – Thames Water will be able to remotely monitor and control critical assets located at its water pumping stations and sewage treatment works across the UK.

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Lapauw international

Several years ago, Lapauw International started looking for a different, more efficient solution. The result was eWON, a Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and supplier of intelligent solutions for PLC remote-access via the Internet.


Sims engineering

By installing Internet-based remote maintenance and diagnostics software on an industrial robot welding machine, Sims Engineering Ltd is now able to remotely monitor and control the machine using secure Broadband and 3G connections. 


Wifi Card
PSTN card
Coming soon
  • More and more WLAN (WiFi) access points are available in the industry. You can now equippped Flexy with the WiFi extension card.

    WLAN access points allow internet connectivity while avoiding connection on the factory/corporate LAN network. The eWON Flexy extension car provides a powerful backup internet access for industrial MM applications. WLAN technology offers free access, high brandwitdh, easy deployment (no cabling) and facilitates security network management.


  • Back up dial-up modem for your remote sites. More and more wired or wirelss broadband Internet technology is beign used to connect remote devices.

    They offer high bandwidth and high reliability, allowing easy remote maintenance, remote  monitoring or video diagnostics capabilities. Nevertheless, in some areas, landlines are preferred and a dial-up modem is then required. The dial-up connection can also be used as a fall-back in case of non-availability of the broadband connection.


  • more modules are going to be available soon.


eCatcher 5 now has implemented in-built password enforcement and two-factor authentication policy (a password and a confirmation code sent to your mobile phone), in order to re-inforce device access security. Customers can take advantage of this feature by defining the security level according to needed requirements.

The two factor authentication is a secure identification mechanism combining two different components for unambiguous authentication.  In other words: it adds an extra step to the login procedure. It is based on the principle that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access. It requires both "something you know" and "something you have": the combination of your credential and a security code texted on your phone.



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