Industrial IIoT Connectivity

WoMaster Industrial IIoT

WoMaster Technology brings together the cutting edge IoT next generation hardware that you would expect with its long pedigree in industrial networking. Enhancing this with software and security at the forefront all of its innovative products it ensures that no matter the application that they are being used for, WoMaster IoT products will outperform expectations and deliver increased functionality, better cost of ownership and enable new and innovative ways to bridge any Industrial IoT application and surpassing expectations.

Narrow Band IoT

WoMaster has been leading the technical innovation on Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) products designed for the modern application landscape. With IP67 all weather rating and compact design options, many applications from smart parking to weather monitoring will be made easier with WoMaster. Made from high Quality ruggedized metal enclosures for even the harshest environments and ability WoMaster is the choice for when downtime is not an option.

Even though of as small networks in the conventional sense they still require the high levels of security built in to ensure data security no matter the location that they are being deployed in to ensure that any soft entry points are not created.

WoMaster supports Open VPN, MQTT for ease of access and secure distributed location support for applications that require access from anywhere but also ensure security and application stability is maintained.

Additional features such as RESTful API functionality allows for fully custom designed and full edge analytics to be designed and deployed anywhere bringing the power of IoT to any application that wants to use NB-IoT


Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless from WoMaster brings the latest in enterprise class products to the industrial sector. Both indoor and outdoor IP67 ruggedized housing allows for any application location with wide temperature resistance built into the products from the ground up, knowing that come freeze or roasting your application will still work seamlessly allows for deployments in any location and in new ways not previously available. With world leading technology for Seamless MESH AP/Router configurations WoMaster wireless products offer superior connectivity availability with redundancy not seen within the market place. As WoMaster focuses on Security across all of its range of products Wireless is not ignored with state of the art security protocols and functions built in to make sure that the devices that connect to your network are the ones that you want and it doesn’t become a weak point that is exploited.

Other key considerations with any wireless solution is the ability to easily install and setup with a minimum of time and costly pre-set routines usually associated with it, WoMaster offers simple and intuitive web configuration allowing for fast installs and easy on-going maintenance from any one. Not having to rely on tech wizards to make even the simplest changes frees up the ability to deliver increased response times on critical items when needed.



LoRa WAN is changing the IoT landscape with not only the ability to get data which was previously thought to be too far away back to intelligent control centres but in a cost effective and secure manner. WoMaster IoT LoraWAN options bring the possible and some of the once thought impossible to fruition with class leading LoRaWAN design in ruggedized small form factor solutions that come with all the connectivity options needed for modern applications. Designed to bridge the gap between high cost long range fibre being used for small traffic flows but while still ensuring that the criticality of the data is not being compromised LoRaWAN from WoMaster offers superior application flexibility while building on class leading feature sets including security to ensure application integrity.Coupling the LoRaWAN offerings with WoMasters onsite or cloud solution ThingsMaster allows for full remote analytics and control from anywhere in the world. As seen in many cases it is one thing to be able to get the data but unless you are able to derive real strategic benefits from it you are only utilising a fraction of its potential. In today’s world where every penny can make a difference highlighting and controlling any part of an application no matter where in the world can result in never before seen advantages.



Edge Compute

Edge compute has come a long way, long gone are the days of having to install a myriad of different devices at the edge of the network one of which was to perform compute functions. With the speed at which the modern world moves understanding and also being able to react within the shortest possible timescales is known to reduce costly repairs and in some circumstances and save millions in broken production and stop damaging effects to the environments, to name just a few. WoMaster’s leading compute offering allows for true Edge Compute functions to be easily deployed and managed from on site to remote with the same ease of use. Some might say that “with great compute comes, great responsibility.” Eluding to the more function and control given to the extremities of a network the more vulnerabilities you are adding to the network. WoMaster has resolved this by incorporating the latest security protocols and key technologies into all its edge devices to ensure that while the data is being utilised only those that need to see it can.



For the latest in WoMaster IIoT products and software updates don’t forget to sign up to MAC Soultions product and software updates.

As markets rapidly evolve WoMaster is able to offer custom application specific modifications or changes to ensure that the product you need is the one that delivers the maximum in ROI and functionality.

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