Official Kepware OPC Training : Free of Charge !!


Official Kepware OPC Training

                        Ideal for SCADA, Software & Control Engineer      Free of charge                                     


Everybody knows that the Kepware OPC software is the best-in-class.

It has been awarded countless awards, and is the standard industrial communications software for blue-chip manufacturers, across multiple industries, across the world.

However, to get the very best performance from the very best software, engineers require a thorough understanding of the underlying principles and correct methods…

What does OPC do?

How do OPC connections work?

How do I configure the OPC Server and OPC Clients correctly?

How can I diagnose the causes, when comms issues arise?

How do I fine-tune the OPC solutions?

How can I deploy and manage the Kepware software across a wide estate of factories?


17 hours of high-quality material and tutorials, to take you from OPC-newbie to OPC-expert!

Previously, this would require a 2-3-day, face-to-face training course, which would take engineers away from their day-to-day tasks.

Now they can complete the official Kepware online training courses from the comfort and convenience of their desks – and at zero cost!


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Fundamentals of KEPServerEX

The course Fundamentals of KEPServerEX explores Kepware solutions for Industrial Automation and the Internet of Things. It takes a detailed look at the KEPServerEX industrial connectivity solution, paying attention to downloading and installing KEPServerEX, simulating data sources, and connecting to other software applications and devices.

  • Introduction.
  • Simulating Data Sources.
  • Connecting to Devices.
  • Connecting to Client Basics.


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OPC Connectivity with KEPServerEX

This course will guide the students in using OPC technology and help them understand the history of OPC and how it is used as a standard in the automation industry today. They will also learn the fundamentals of the OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Unified Architecture (UA) standards. They will become familiar with the Quick Client for testing data connections with KEPServerEX.

  • OPC Terminology and Concept.
  • Working with OPC DA.
  • Connecting to Devices.

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Client Connectivity and Tunnelling with KEPServerEX

In this course, students learn about client applications and how they connect and interact with KEPServerEX. You will gain experience with client applications and understand that they are not a part of the KEPServerEX software package; these applications are an “abstraction” of the data source, and graphically represent operations occurring on a plant floor. They will learn how this representation helps users interact or control devices and machines and interpret the data being obtained.

  • Other Client Interface
  • OPC UA Tunnelling

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KEPServerEX Key Components and Diagnostics

This course will give you a detailed breakdown of the KEPServerEX platform processes. Students will learn the underlying architecture and processes of the platform and how they interact. Learn best practices for creating and maintaining project files, releasing projects to production, and storing error logs.

  • Elements of KEPServerEX
  • Diagnostics
  • Process Interactions and Users Management

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KEPServerEX Optimizations and Configuration API

This course will outline the best practices for creating optimal project designs in KEPServerEX. Students will get tips for designing projects for high-speed environments as well as slow-speed, telemetry type environments. Lastly, they will review timing and scan settings of KEPServerEX and how these affect performance.

  • High Speed Optimizations.
  • Telemetry Optimizations.
  • Optimizations Tips & Tricks.
  • Using the Configuration API.{/listing


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