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Going Mobile Increases Risk

Now more than ever, organizations are using mobile devices to compete in an agile, evolving market and keep their employees connected. For the first time, more than half of all devices connected to the Internet are mobile. At the same time, mobile malware is more prevalent than ever, with attacks rising 50% in the last year alone. While the focus of enterprise security solutions has historically been on desktop devices, more businesses are discovering the growing threat of malware phishing attacks aimed at mobile devices, especially within applications.

AI-Driven Mobile Threat Defence

BlackBerry® Protect Mobile augments the security baseline provided by BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM). It prevents, detects and remediates advanced malicious threats at the device and application levels.

Scans Mobile Applications for Existing Malware

Malware and grayware are identified by application sandboxing and code analysis, plus app-security testing. All applications are scanned and validated before being pushed to the device or the user seeking access.

Protect All Devices and Activation Types

Continuously protect mobile endpoints without disrupting users on any device type (including managed and BYOD). Includes Advanced Android™ malware detection and prevention and iOS® app integrity checking. 

Integrated Directly into BlackBerry Dynamics

All mobile endpoints BlackBerry UEM manages are protected from zero-day threats without reliance on end users to install, log in or maintain third-party apps or configure settings manually. 

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